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Classic Menu for Access 2007

Show Classic Menus and Toolbars on the Ribbon of Microsoft Access 2007
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14 March 2012

Editor's review

Microsoft Access 2007 has amazing features which many of us may like. No doubt, it is a great improvement over Access 2003 but does all the new menus or rather blue ribbons confuse you? Do the blue ribbons on the top make navigating through the software a challenging, tedious, and time-consuming task for you? Do you feel that the older menu style was much more convenient for you than the new more graphic menu style? Do you get lost in the blue ribbons and get the feeling that you just don’t know how to work with Microsoft Access? If yes then download the Classic Menu for Access 2007 3.0 and bring back the familiar menus and toolbars of Access 2003.

Installing Classic Menu for Access 2007 3.0 will display the main menu, the standard toolbar, and the formatting toolbar in Access 2007, and you will suddenly find that features such as Workgroup Administrator, AutoCorrect Options, and Startup are no longer hard to find. They had not disappeared after all and now you know where they were hidden.

Now you may ask, “Will I lose all the great new features of Microsoft Access 2007?” Well… that is the best part — you will have the same, old well-known menus and toolbars without losing out on the new features of Access 2007. Classic Menu for Access 2007 3.0 has added all the new exciting features of Microsoft Access 2007 to the classic toolbars and menus of Access 2003!

Moreover, it supports all the languages, such as Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish and that Microsoft Office 2007 supports. So, now you have the new features in a manner you are comfortable with. With all its highly effective feature the software receives a 4 star rating that it truly deserves. In short, if you miss the drop-down menus labeled File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, Records, and Tools then quickly download the Classic Menu for Access 2007 3.0.

Publisher's description

Show Classic Menus and Toolbars on the Ribbon of Microsoft Access 2007. Can not see the familiar menus and toolbars from previous versions of Microsoft Access? Just download and install this software and you will be able to see and enjoy the main menu bar, standard toolbar and formatting toolbar once again in Microsoft Access 2007, as you did in Access 2003.
User can browse the whole menus with keyboard shortcuts (insert Q into the original shortcuts of Office 2003. For example: press Alt + T to open the "Tools" menu in Access 2003, you just need to press Alt, Q, T to open the "Tools" menu in Access 2007).
The familiar Access 2003 interface has been replaced by the Ribbon. It is cool and powerful, but many users can't find some of the features because they are hidden or moved to other places. If you install Classic Menu for Access 2007, these menus and toolbars will be retrieved and shown.
All new features items have also been added into the classic menu and toolbars.
Supports all languages that are supported by Microsoft Access 2007: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Chinese...
You can add the menus and toolbars to Quick Access Toolbar, then you can minimize the Ribbon and finish all operations without open Ribbon.
Classic Menu for Access 2007
Classic Menu for Access 2007
Version 7.0
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